HillaryJane is back with her new fall single, With Me Now. 


With Me Now is a song of hope for Christians everywhere.

'With Me Now' is a deep and moving pop track that reminds us God is present even when the world is filled with pain and confusion. Written in 2017 on the day of the Las Vegas shooting, HillaryJane entered the studio with a heavy heart. Mourning not only the evil in Vegas but her friends and families' lives rocked by the floods in her hometown, Houston. With so much evil running rampant in the world from school shootings, injustice, and natural disasters, she wanted to remind God's people He is with us. Presence brings comfort, we know but must believe that God is with and for his people. This is one of the greatest joys of heaven. 'With Me Now' is sure to encourage and remind Believers of the closeness of God "even when our faith is on the ground."